Pharmacy Services in Boise & Mountain Home, ID

We are proud to be Boise's PCAB Accredited independent specialty compounding and retail pharmacy serving the local community including Meridian, Eagle, and beyond. We pride ourselves on building relationships with customers and added value through advice on health and wellness. Less than 1% of all compounding pharmacies are PCAB Accredited.

We also provide many complimentary services including:

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Ladd Family Pharmacy offers all the medications and services of a modern pharmacy, but with the friendly, personalized service of a home town business. We take the time to fill your prescriptions quickly and accurately, while we monitor your medications for side-effects, drug interactions, and cost effectiveness.

Whether you are filling a regular prescription for long-term use, or a new medicine to combat a short-term condition, you can be assured of the latest modern prescription drug services. We also accept most major health care plan payments (including compounding insurance billing options) and can work with you to determine the best care possible.

We also offer customized medications compounded to better serve our customers in the areas of:

Ladd Family Pharmacy is proud to be a PCAB Accredited compounding pharmacy, one of only a small number of accredited pharmacies in the nation!

Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) accreditation affords compounding pharmacists and technicians an unparalleled opportunity to demonstrate superior quality and safety in their compounding practices. And yet, since PCAB was founded in 2004, less than 1% of compounding pharmacies across the nation have achieved accreditation. See why Quality Assurance is an important factor in compounding.

Why do I need a compounding pharmacy? Some Drugs are:

Not Commercially Available | Not Economically Feasible to Manufacture | Tailored to meet the Customer's Individual's Needs

Able to be Altered in Flavors and Colors | For a Special Drug Strength or Dose

Can any pharmacy compound in Boise, Meridian, Eagle and the surrounding area?

Can any pharmacy compound in Boise, Meridian, Eagle and the surrounding area?

Preparation of these specialized products requires chemicals and equipment that are not available in most pharmacies. Our pharmacists have received extensive additional training in compounding techniques. We have a support network that generates a constant exchange of ideas, innovations and techniques involving compounding, and includes several Ph.D. chemists and pharmacists who can research the feasibility of new formulations.

There are several reasons why pharmacists compound prescription medications; yet, the most important one is patient non-compliance. Many patients are allergic to preservatives or dyes, or are sensitive to standard drug strengths. With a physician's consent, a compounding pharmacist can change the strength of a medication, alter its form to make it easier for the patient to ingest, and add flavor to it to make it more palatable. The pharmacist also can prepare the medication using several unique delivery systems, such as a sublingual troche or lozenge, a lollipop, or a transdermal gel. Or, for those patients who are having a difficult time swallowing a capsule, a compounding pharmacist can make a suspension instead.

Often parents have a tough time getting their children to take their medicine because of the taste. A compounding pharmacist can work directly with the physician and the patient to select a flavoring agent, such as vanilla butternut or tutti-frutti, that provides both an appropriate match for the medication's properties and the patient's taste preferences. Compounding pharmacists also have helped patients who are experiencing chronic pain. For example, arthritic patients who cannot take certain medications due to gastro intestinal side effects. Working with their physician, a compounding pharmacist can provide them with a topical preparation with the anti-inflammatory or analgesic their doctor prescribed for them.

Our compounding pharmacy focuses on meeting special needs. This may involve compounding height/weight-appropriate pediatric medications, injections for impotency, medications for veterinarians in a variety of dosage forms and flavors, alternatives in hormone replacement therapy, or dosage options, such as transdermal gels, when treating hospice patients. The ultimate goal in preparing any of these customized medications is to help the physician and patient achieve a more positive therapeutic outcome.