Pack My Meds - Pillow Packs, Bubble Packs, or Medisets

We Take the Extra Time so You Don’t Have To!!!

Let us help you improve quality of life, increase medication compliance and organization, and allow you to focus more on the care that is needed. Call or stop in to speak with a staff member on how we can utilize medication packaging to help.

Are Your Medications Giving You A Headache?

"Did I take my pills today?” It’s likely a question we’ve all asked ourselves. One of the biggest health issues today is prescription medication noncompliance — which is defined as missing medication doses or not taking medications as prescribed by a physician. The pharmacist and owner of Ladd Family Pharmacy, confirms that “studies have shown up to half of all prescription drugs are not taken correctly. Busy lifestyles, multiple daily doses, and confusing directions can impact how you take your medications.”

Take medications on time

Taking medications on time and exactly as they have been prescribed can reduce hospitalization, physician and emergency room visits, unnecessary medical tests, additional medications, and nursing home admissions. Also, taking medications properly allows the medication to work properly.

Professional Packaging has advantages

Professional Packaging has advantages

If you take several medications or have difficulty organizing your or a loved one’s medications, consider having your medication professionally packaged into a bubble or compliance pack.

Some advantages to the patient/caregiver:

  • Safety: The patient gets the correct medication at the proper times. No double dosing or missed doses.
  • Convenience: No more fussing or organizing daily medication on your own. No more guessing when to take your medication.
  • Compliance: It’s easy to tell if the medication was taken, and also if there have been any missed doses.
  • Professional monitoring: The pharmacy staff will fill your weekly prescriptions for you and remind you if you forget to pick up your medication

At Ladd Family Pharmacy, the professional staff takes the time to carefully determine a patient’s medication requirements, including the best time of day to take one’s medication. Included in this process will be to a thorough medication review with the patient or caregiver. Whether you’re taking one medication a day or ten medications daily, Ladd Family Pharmacy can package the medication to eliminate your worrying and to meet your needs.